Aspark Owl EV Hypercar – 2012-HP, 0-96 km/h in under 1.69 secs, 50 units only

At last-week’s Dubai Motor Show, the “fastest moving vehicle in the world” was revealed.

According to Japanese manufacturers Aspark, the full-electric Aspark Owl is capable of reaching 96 kmph in just 1.69 seconds.

This outstrips high-spec electric rivals like Rimac’s Concept Two and Tesla’s Roadster, which take 1.85 seconds and 1.9 seconds to reach the same mark, respectively.

The Owl was first unveiled as a model in 2017, but at the prestigious car show in Dubai is the final version received its “world premiere.”

Aspark also says that this is the first Japanese-made, fully-electric, top-tier supercar in addition to record-breaking acceleration.

The Owl is powered by an 80-minute full-charged Lithium-ion battery with 2012 brake horsepower (bhp). The top speed reported is only a shade below 400 kmph, making it one of the world’s fastest street-legal vehicles.

Aspark President Masanori Yoshida told Top Gear magazine that by March 2020 the company will try to set a world record lap time on Germany’s Nurburgring racetrack.

Aspark says they wanted to provide a “feminine” esthetic that would fit high-performance requirements. The vehicle consists of panels of carbon fiber around a frame of stainless steel.

The Owl will be one of the lowest vehicles on the road at just 99 centimeters in height, and it will also be one of the lightest with a monocoque (structure) weighing just 120 kilograms.

Only 50 of the vehicles were made. We are going to go on sale with a € 2.9 million price tag ($3.2 million).

For up to seven offers made for the fastest electric car ever made priced at USD 3.2 million, the record-breaking Aspark OWL turned heads. Masanori Yoshida, CEO, Aspark, speaking about the excitement of serious buyers at the event said – “We’ve received a lot of interest at the Dubai International motor Show and we’re delighted to be here. In the first two days, we’ve had seven serious buyers coming from Europe, the USA and the Middle East for the Aspark Owl, the world’s fastest accelerating electric car. The Dubai International motor Show has been fantastic for us, and we’re really pleased with the results it has delivered so far. We’re extremely optimistic about what the region holds in store for us as the Middle East is one of the biggest markets for Aspark.”


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