Apparel and Accessories for the Yamaha Ray scooter


Yamaha Ray scooter – Pop style sticker

Yamaha India has released a huge range of genuine accessories for the Ray scooter. The Ray is targeted at the fairer sex, while the Ray Z is specially targeted for male fans. The range of accessories for Ray include colorful helmets, sticker sets, crash guard, seat covers & floor mat, while the apparels include a T-shirts, gloves & scarf, might appeal to female buyers.

To be protected from mere scratches on the scooter, rear style and front style crash guards would come handy enough. Moreover seat covers named Basic, Classic and Sports would be not only be defensive to the seat, but would also add sporty look to the Ray scooter. The colorful floor mat, specially crafted and designed for Ray is super durable and easy to maintain. In addition to the pillion seat, the option includes the passenger footrest.

Aggressive style and Pop style are the two set of stickers available to attract more young ladies to own the Ray. A total of 7 colorful helmets are made available at Yamaha dealers across the country. The range includes the Avion Check, Avion Tri-Check, Elmo Light Pink, Elmo Dark Pink, Avion Blue Stripes, Elmo Grey and Avion Pink. Also on-sale will be Ray branded T-shirts for women, Ray patterned gloves and scarf  to attract all scooter-maniacs simultaneously.


Apparel and Accessories for the Yamaha Ray scooter

RefresherYamaha Ray is powered by an air-cooled 4-stroke 113cc engine with CVT (Continuous variable transmission) that delivers smooth start-up acceleration and good pickup along with great fuel economy. It delivers a peak power of 7.1 PS and 8.1 Nm of Torque. The scooter comes with electric and kick start as standard.


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Yamaha-Ray-Scooter-Sticker-Decal     Yamaha-Ray-Scooter-Seat-Cover     Yamaha-Ray-Scooter-Floor-Mat     Yamaha-Ray-Scooter-Tandem-Footrest

Yamaha-Ray-Scooter-Helmet     Yamaha-Ray-Scooter-T_Shirts     Yamaha-Ray-Scooter-Full-Gloves     Yamaha-Ray-Scooter-Chic-Scarf