Anti-theft technology from iTrans


Many have lost their cars or bike from parking lot in Bangalore in other cities. Car & bike is also rising by the day. But now, help is at hand with a breakthrough technology by iTrans Technologies. This technology will have secure & track a four & two wheeler using a mobile phone. The tiny device is all it takes to make car & bike-theft proof.

Developed by Bangalore based iTrans Technologies, a technology named Tcop is used to make the cars & bikes theft proof. All it takes is a mobile phone to install the device. They can make their cars theft proof, all by using their mobile phones.

This technology will alert the car owners when someone tries to break-in their car or bike. The technology will also secure & manage the car or bike remotely.

iTrans Technologies CEO Mallesh Ready said, “Tcop is a GSM based technology which is user-friendly. Car owners can send an SMS from their mobile phone to the device Tcop to know about the present location of the car.”

iTrans Tcop

For the technology to work, a Vodafone SIM card is activated in a car, if it detects any intrusion like theft, it will inform the car owner. Another interesting feature of the technology is the technology is that it can make calls to mobiles, irrespective of the service provider. Best part of Tcop is that it establishes a two-way communication between a car & the car owner’s mobilephone. Apart from that the device comes in handy after the car is stolen and driven away. The owner can send SMS to the device which will trigger a siren in the car to disturb the car thief and also attract the attention of the passer-by. The product comes in five models – basic, silver, gold, diamond & platinum. The cost of the device for the cars is from Rs. 6,000 to 9,500, while for bikes it starts from Rs. 2,000 to 6,000.

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