Honda recalls the Accord and CR-V over auto transmission issue

Honda Accord

Japanese automaker Honda Motor will recall a Honda Accord or CR-V that was built between 2005 and 2010, if you own this there is a chance that your car could be recalled by Honda over a faulty gearbox issue. During the recall, Honda will update the software that controls the automatic transmission.

“Without the updated software, the automatic transmission secondary shaft bearing in the affected vehicles can be damaged if the transmission is quickly shifted between each of the reverse, neutral and drive positions, as may be done in an attempt to dislodge a vehicle stuck in mud or snow,” Honda said in a statement. “If the bearing is damaged in this unusual scenario, it can cause the engine to stall or lead to difficulty engaging the parking gear. The update to the vehicle’s automatic transmission control module software will ease the transition between gears to reduce the possibility of damage. No injuries or deaths have been reported related to this condition.”

Vehicles involved in the recall include 4-cylinder Accord (2005-2010) and CR-V (2007-2010). The recall begins in the U.S, China and Brazil after August 31st, however there is no word from HSCI yet, if the Accord and CR-V models sold in India would require the fix too.

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