5 things making Ford EcoSport buyers think once more


5 things making Ford EcoSport buyers think once more

Ford India was celebrating after the recent launch of Ford EcoSport on June 26th this year. This particular launch had not only raised the falling sales of Ford since 8 months but had also increased the sales of the SUV’s giving it an entirely new dimension in the Indian sales market. But now it seems that customers in the Indian market would think twice to buy a Ford EcoSport. The 5 things listed below might actually reduce the number of Ford EcoSport buyers in the Indian market.

1)     Price hike with no price protection:

Ford had aggressively priced the EcoSport during the time of its launch, but now Ford has increased the prices of all the variants of EcoSport ranging from 25000 to 40000 INR. Apart from this, Ford has also not maintained the price protection i,e the people who had already booked the Ford EcoSport before the price hike will have to pay the revised cost of Ford EcoSport at the time of delivery.

2)     Feature Deletion:

Along with this price hike, Ford has also deleted some features which was earlier available at the time of launch. Ford has removed Push-Button Start and Keyless Entry from the Titanium trim which would now be provided only in the Titanium (O) variant. The concern is, what about the customers who have already booked for a Titanium variant?

3)     Waiting Period:

Ford had earlier reported that it is not like other manufacturers in the Indian market which would make their customers wait for their bookings done. But now the customers are advised to wait for a period ranging from 3 months to 12 months on all the variants.

4)     Dealerships Monopoly:

As per the reports obtained from MotorBash, many dealerships are taking advantage of the EcoSport’s demand and in turn they are also forcing customers to buy optional accessories and insurance from them citing them as mandatory! Even when I recently visited the Ford dealer making enquiry of Endeavour for one of our readers, the reader was also interested to buy small SUV, thus, the dealer asked us to book the Endeavour, and promised us the EcoSport delivery immediately within a month.

5)     Rs 5.69 Lakh 1.5-litre Petrol Manual; Does it exist?:

After the launch, Ford aggressively priced the Ford EcoSport at a price tag of 5.69 lakh INR. As a result of which all the Ford showrooms across the country had tones of customers waiting to book the EcoSport. Since the 1.5L Petrol variant attracts higher excise duties as per the recent budget, many dealerships across the country are discouraging the customers when they think of buying the cheapest variant by either specifying longer waiting periods or by intentionally moving out this particular variant very slowly.


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