4×4 variant of the Suzuki Swift to be launched in the UK

 Suzuki Swift 4×4

Swift is without any doubt is one of the best hatch backs the Indian car market ever saw. And it’s not just the styling and interiors but also the performance that attracted buyers across all ages. It was certainly a game changes even for Maruti Suzuki when it was launched in 2005. Ever since it was launch it has undergone many uplifts and upgrades including more petrol and diesel options.

Suzuki Swift 4×4

Suzuki has yet again upgraded the Swift for the UK market and one the features the new Swift has is the a 4×4 drive system. So far the Swift had the looks of a mini crossover, but with the 4×4 system it will have the most distinguishing feature of the crossover.


The Suzuki Swift 4×4 variant will be powered by a 1.2 litre K-Series petrol engine, although no diesel option will be available in the 4×4 variant. The addition of the 4×4 system has added 65 kg of weight to the car, which will have to be pulled by the 1.2 litre engine, but in return this added weight will provide extra grip on slippery iced roads. The power to the wheel will be transmitted via a 5-speed manual transmission. In addition to the 4WD system there are also some external changes, the front and the rear bumper are equipped with skid plates and black wheel arc extended on both the sides. Day time running lights and power folding lamps are also a part of the standard fittings in the Swift 4×4 variant.

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