23-year old uses his YouTube earnings to buy Audi R8!

Owning a super car and driving it has one-of-its-kind charm and feel. It can be understood only by someone who has a penchant for these mean machines. However, not all supercar fans are lucky enough to actually own or ride one. Thus, they tend to admire them from afar and dream of owning them. But Paul Wallace has fulfilled his dream by buying his own Audi R8! The 23-year old guy used his YouTube earnings to purchase this mesmerizing and gorgeous sports car.


Paul is the owner of the YouTube channel “SuperCarsofLondon” and has been filming many exotic and luxurious super cars, posting their videos on his channel. His channel is immensely popular. As per the records, his channel has garnered a total of about 65 million views ever since it got launched, some 5 years also. His channel helped him generate revenue from ads associated with super car videos. Thus, his passion for cars contributed by helping him generating sufficient money to buy a used Audi R8. Audi R8 is one of the finest sports car available in the international market. The automaker is known for using latest, excellent technology and great features to make its products irresistible.

Paul owned a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 previously. Audi R8 is a significant upgrade! The estimated price of a used Audi R8 is nearly £50,000 that is around $83,755. Paul Wallace has disclosed that his estimated monthly earnings from his YouTube channel is around GBP 1,750 which is about $2,931. He stated that this amount is sufficient enough to help him maintain his Audi R8. He will be paying of installments and take care of insurance and taxes from his earnings only. After adding this awesome sports car to his garage, Paul is now planning to purchase a Lamborghini Aventador.


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