Kia Seltos off-road modified version showcased

Launched earlier this-year, Kia Seltos has become a great success on the Indian market. Currently the all-new Seltos leads the segment by a huge margin and there is no stoppage. Although Kia does not provide the Indian market with a 4WD option on the Seltos, there are international models that come with this feature, making it much more capable.

Kia has officially demonstrated off-road models of the Seltos in the nation of SUVs–America, and they all look crazy! The off-road modified Kia Seltos was introduced at a dealer-only event in Las Vegas, USA. The three concepts showcased, all of which have some degree of off-road modifications; give a fair idea of how the Seltos can be adapted to mod jobs.

One of the Seltos off-road mod work is based on the base trim and the LED DRLs, LED headlights, are missing. This is seen on the side tops, front and back bumper in an off-white kind of body color with orange highlights. It also gets rear view mirrors (ORVMs) outside the orange roof and white.

This gets the black grille on the front, with a matte finish. The headlight’s surroundings are also finished in black. There are 4 extra lights in the front–on the bumper. On the roof there are four more lights, mounted on the roof carrier.

From the side, one may notice an increase in ground clearance. There’s also a different suspension, which now has more travel. Off-road spec, Tyres are ready to take on any terrain. There’s a tow hook in the front and back. There’s a winch, too.

Talking of the modified version of 2nd Kia Seltos, this one is finished with a black roof in white body colour. This one is based on the version of the top line. It gets headlight of LED with DRLs of LEDs. On the front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts and spokes, it gets golden paint highlights.

Like the first one, with new suspension setup, the second one also gets increased ground clearance. It also gets tyres off-road. The hooks at the front and back of the tow are white. There’s chromium treatment at the front near the grill and headlight. The bumper in the front has a new additional safety. There’s also a scoop on the hat.

There are 4 additional headlights on the roof that are installed on the roof.

While the third Seltos wrapped in military camouflage vinyl with black wheels and roof carrier.


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