New Motor Vehicle Rules to be enforced in India from today

The Central Government of India has introduced amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act 1989 that focus on digitization of documents in an attempt to ease the hassle. The rules have been enforced from today October 01, 2020. Under the new regulations, the information technology platform will retain records, including driving licenses and e-challans.


The police would not ask for physical evidence of documents such as the driver’s license or insurance after the specified date. Instead, all the related information can be reviewed at one go-to place by a new app targeted for the same reason. When submitted into the system, the records will be checked by the police.

The state had introduced a new app before that, enabling commuters to download a digital copy of their records, including the RC and license. Under the new law, however, motorists should refrain from uploading the records, and with the aid of the new software, the police will be able to check them.

It should be noted that motorists are still expected to bring the Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate as a physical document/hard copy. It is planned that the traffic police force will also get new devices for this purpose as well. Also, under development is an application for the force that can be used as an option.


Through the portal, also the challan issued on a vehicle will be visible. The owner will be restricted from selling the car or renewing their driving license by any pending or non-paid challans. The change comes after numerous changes to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989 were made by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

With the latest laws, to physically stop a violator, the police do not have to risk their lives anymore. An official can simply write down the vehicle’s registration number and search its records online. With the assistance of the new app, they can also submit the Challan online.


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