Benelli’s upcoming 750cc parallel-twin streetfighter – first photos leak

Here it is, the upcoming 750cc motorcycle from Benelli rumored to be called ‘750GS’. These first live photos of the new street-fighter have found their way onto the internet ahead of its official debut at the EICMA in Italy, November-2017.


The new 750GS will be positioned in between the TNT600i and the TNT899.

At first glance, the new 750cc Benelli bears close resembles with the Ducati Monster 750. Close examination of the picture reveals that the swing-arm is a welded tube construction, versus the Monster’s cast alloy unit, an indication of where costs are being saved.

Also visible are the upside-down forks, triple disc brakes, and exhaust canister exiting on the right, as opposed to the Benelli trend of having the exhaust exiting underneath the seat as in their current range of large displacement triples.


Exactly when the new Benelli 750GS will be launched still remains unknown, we expect it in early-2018.

The 750cc parallel twin appears to be a revival of the engine from the Due 756 (2ue 756) concept which first took shape in 2006. Despite repeated show appearances and spy shots of prototypes undergoing road tests, the project was shelved, due to Benelli’s financial woes in late-2012.

Now the development is back on track and the latest design’s engine appears identical to the Due’s 750cc parallel twin – although the rest of the bike is completely different. We assume this engine might produce somewhere around 100bhp to 110bhp of power, considering Benelli’s current 600cc engine churning-out around 80bhp.

Checkout more design patents, after a jump.

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Image Courtesynewmotor