2015 Mercedes-Benz Coupeish-SUV ‘MLC’ teased


As we told earlier Mercedes-Benz will have its BMW X6 competitor out on the roads as soon as it enters production in 2015. A poster has been hung at the company’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant teasing the new model and someone on Twitter managed to capture an image and Tweet for the rest of us to see.

Known as the Mercedes-Benz MLC, one of 10 new vehicles from the brand to debut over the next 4 years, the model will be based on the M-Class crossover.

Of course there is a market for the MLC. BMW sold a total of 46,404 units of the X6 in 2010 and really has no competitor out there besides the Infiniti FX, which is not available in India.


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Source – Twitter (via Jalopnik)