Maruti Celerio Diesel spotted with ‘DDiS 125’ badging; launch soon

Just a few days ago, we had reported that Maruti Suzuki would soon launch a ZXi variant of the Celerio and also a diesel version of the small hatchback. Well, the Zxi Petrol has already been launched and now it is time for the diesel Celerio to make its debut. Our report had informed the readers that Maruti Suzuki had already begun production of the diesel Celerio and was building up an inventory of the car, as they expected sales to exceed production capacity. Well, we were right, as we now have information that the Maruti Suzuki Celerio production line has been producing a steady number of 3-4 diesel cars every day and the company has stocked up about 550 units of the Celerio diesel and this number is increasing with every passing day.


We have spy shots of one of the recently produced diesel hatchbacks and these pictures have given us an insight into the design and especially the badging and nomenclature of the car. The hatchback was spotted at the stockyard of Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar facility while awaiting dispatch to the hundreds of Maruti Suzuki dealerships in India. The hatchback was a demo car, meant for those who wanted to experience the diesel powered hatchback at Maruti Suzuki dealerships across the country.

The demo vehicle had loud graphics all over the car, with the side profile of the hatchback displaying the skyline of a city filled with skyscrapers, giving one the impression that the Maruti Suzuki Celerio has been made with the cityscape in mind. The biggest giveaway from the spy shot though is not the graphics, but the ‘DDiS 125’ moniker, which was found in a big font on the side profile and a smaller font on the tailgate just above the Zdi Badge.


We are not sure as to what exactly the ‘DDiS 125’ tag means, but what we do know is that the Celerio diesel is powered by an all new, one of a kind diesel engine. The Celerio is powered by a 793cc twin-cylinder engine which is boosted by a small turbocharger, taking the power output to a maximum of 55 BHP which is adequate for intra-city runs, and the maximum torque figure of this engine is estimated to be close to 90 NM. This engine layout or engine architecture seems a bit too weird because it has never been seen on a production car in India before, but we are pretty sure there would be no issues of any sort with this engine because it was developed by Maruti Suzuki who has been making reliable cars and engines from a few decades now.


We are not sure of the launch date, nor have we any information as to whether or not the AMT(automatic manual transmission) will be launched on the diesel as well, but we do know that there will be three variants of the diesel as well – Ldi, Vdi, Zdi and Maruti Suzuki will be equipping the diesels too with the same equipment as the Petrols.

The Celerio diesel is expected to return 30 kmpl, which will make it the most fuel efficient car in India. Expect more details on the Celerio diesel soon, watch this space for more.

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