2014 Ford Figo on the works, also could spawn a compact sedan

2014 Ford Figo (rendered image)

Figo was the car which turned the American company, Ford’s fortunes on its head in India and the car gained popularity all over the world. The company recently gave the car a mid life facelift which is a clear indication towards the next-generation model coming soon. And finally, that indication has led by the good folks at Car&Driver Brazil to showcase what the next-generation Figo would look like.

The next-gen Ford Figo will be generations ahead of the current model and will have a contemporary design to rival the likes of the i20 Fluidic and the facelifted Swift which will also receive a mid life facelift sometime later this year. Coming back to the Figo, the car will get completely revamped with an angular design coupled with creases left,right and centre making their way to the car.

The rear would feature a boomerang shaped cluster and the car is expected to grow in size as well. And when we say it will grow, we mean that it will grow big enough to spawn a sedan which could either be a full fledged sedan or a compact sedan seeing that the people all over the world are developing an affinity for the compact sedans. The interiors will get an overhaul and you can find a lot of newer features making their way to the car’s interiors.

2014 Ford Figo - Tail lamp

The next generation of the Ford’s mass market car will have the engines carried over from the current generation to it as well. The 1.2-litre petrol heart and the 1.4-litre diesel motor who have already proven their worth would be slightly tweaked to keep in sync with the next generation of the car. Expect the next-generation of the Figo to arrive in early 2014 or mid 2014. And the newer design looks way more modern than the current one to say the least.


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