2012 Škoda India introduces a Summer check-up camp


Škoda is organising a month long comprehensive summer car check-up camp, starting 2nd April, 2012 to 30th April 2012. This summer camp will offer a 16 point complimentary check and will offer a thorough examination of the AC, engine, steering, clutch, electrical system, tyres and wheel rims, etc. Through the campaign, which will continue for an entire month, Škoda aims to reach out and service nearly 20,000 cars. The check-up will ensure that long journeys undertaken by car owners during the upcoming summer vacation will be a memorable joyride, excluding the scope for any vehicular hiccups. The initiative further enforces Škoda Auto’s allegiance to its customers in India.

Škoda aims to service at least 28,000 cars during this month long check-up camp. Škoda had previously organized monsoon car care camps, pollution check-up camps and festival camps to enhance the Škoda driving experience.


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