2012 Auto Expo – Suzuki unveils Hayate 110cc motorcycle & Swish 125cc scooter

Suzuki unveils Hayate 110cc motorcycle & Swish 125cc scooter

Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) has unveiled a 125cc scooter called the Swish and unveiled an 110cc mass market commuter called Hayate for India at the 12th Auto expo. Apart from the two new unveils, the Japanese bike maker also exhibited the Slingshot, the Access and its usual India lineup. Among the imports were the M800, the M1800R, the GSR and the Hayabusa. There was also a little E-lets electric scooter on display.

Swish scooter is powered by a 4 stroke single cylinder OHC engine and produces 6.4 Kw of power at 7000 rpm and 9.8Nm of torque @ 5000 rpm. Auto transmission is CVT based. The Swish, based on the Access platform to appeal to the younger audience, will be priced at Rs 45,431, ex-showroom Delhi and goes on sale by March 2012.

Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter

Features of Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter –

  • Easy to read Instrument Panel
  • Telescopic front fork suspension for comfortable riding
  • Built-in turn signals
  • Stylish Silencer Cover
  • Trendy and attractive tail lamps
  • Large Under-seat storage


More pictures of Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter –

Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter - 001     Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter - 002     Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter - 003     Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter - 004

Suzuki’s new Hayate bike looks disappointingly identical to the older Slingshot and Zeus, albeit with a new name and refreshed graphics job. The Hayate derives its name from the Japanese word meaning “swift wind”. It gets an 112.8cc engine with a carburettor, however, Suzuki haven’t divulged details about its power output. The Swish in the meanwhile gets a 125cc heart having a power output of 8.7PS. Targeted at the commuter segment, the Hayate will be priced over Rs 40,000, and enters showrooms by April 2012.

Suzuki Hayate 110cc motorcycle

Features of Suzuki Hayate 110cc motorcycle –

  • Voluminous Fuel Tank
  • Aggressive Head Light
  • Compact Engine Design
  • Comfortable Low Seats
  • Stylish Rear Lights
  • Aluminium Die Cast Grab Bars
  • Aluminium cast Wheels
  • New age front fender

More pictures of Suzuki Hayate 110cc motorcycle –

Suzuki Hayate 110cc motorcycle - 001     Suzuki Hayate 110cc motorcycle - 002     Suzuki Hayate 110cc motorcycle - 003     Suzuki Hayate 110cc motorcycle - 004


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Suzuki to showcase a new scooter at the 2012 Auto Expo


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