2012 Auto Expo – Honda Siel Cars India exhibits no action

New Honda City at 2012 Auto Expo

Honda Siel Cars India easily had the most boring stall amongst all car manufacturers. No new Civic, no new CR-V and certainly no 1.6L turbo-diesel on display either. I cannot understand why Honda didn’t atleast bring in some concepts to provide eye candy. Instead, the company showcased the cur rent-gen lineup at the 2012 Auto Expo consisting of the Accord, Civic, Brio and the all new Honda City, which was only launched last month.

Honda Brio at 2012 Auto Expo

The Brio took center stage. Clearly, the most important car for Honda India. Well priced, fun-to-drive (a 90 BHP gokart!) and great interior quality. Hopefully, the production is able to stabilise soon.

Superb “Dream Factory” was the only interesting part of Honda’s Auto Expo showcase.


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Image CreditTheAutomotiveIndia