14 Signs of a Royal Enfield Fanatic

Royal Enfield are the most popular bikes among the youth and aged alike. If you consider yourself a Royal Enfield fanatic then you will surely have some or all of these 14 signs:

1.  Though Karizmas and Pulsars are really good, but it’s a Royal Enfield that truly rules our heart and tops the list of the bikes you will love to own.


2.  Even when you have a Royal Enfield, the next motorcycle that you wish to buy is another model of Royal Enfield.


3.  Another sign that reveals you are a Royal Enfield Fanatic is that you really don’t like people calling every Royal Enfield as “Bullet.”


4.  You tend to instinctively turn to look when you hear the characteristic thump of the Royal Enfield’s engine.


5.  You will have rich knowledge about Royal Enfield models from the oldest to the newest.


6.  You tend to check the Royal Enfield official website once a day at minimum to keep yourself abreast with latest info.


7.  It thrills you to see a sitcom or an advertisement if its features a Royal Enfield.


8.  While riding your Royal Enfield, if you come across a fellow rider with RE, you give each other a quick helmet tip.


9.  While waiting on a red light, if you spot another RE rider, you tend to start a conversation with them about the motorcycle.


10.  When you cross a RE showroom, you definitely stop and have a good look at all the models at display.


11.  You tend to plan bike ride trips with the fellow Royal Enfield buddies at least once in a year.


12.  If you are a true RE fanatic, you plan to ride your bike to Ladakh.


13.  You tend to match your clothing with your Royal Enfield bike.


14.  A real Royal Enfield lover does not trust their beloved bike with anyone. Nobody is supposed to touch or clean them apart from yourself.



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SourceScoop Whoop