10 signs that show you are completely in love with your car

Everyone feels that it is their responsibility to take care of their vehicles which much caution after all it has cost you a fortune to own one. But not all of them are as enthusiastic about their car’s protection and safety as a real car lover. Do you feel you are in love with your machine? Well, sure you are if you have any of the signs to prove it.

We have here a list of 10 signs that will prove that you are completely head over heels in love with your car:

1.  If it takes you some hour and a half to clean your car as you want every inch of it to shine as new.


2.  You have a secret cool name for your car and you often even talk to it.


3.  You never let a parking guy park your car. It just has to be you doing it.


4.  When your car is parked in an area that is unfamiliar to you, you constantly keep worrying whether it is fine or not.


5.  You have countless pics of your car and in fact, most of your best pictures are the ones inside or beside your car.


6.  You have spent some of the most memorable good as well as bad times in the comfortable sacred space of your car.


7.  A slight dent or scratch on your car completely freaks you out and you keep cajoling your car that you will fix things ASAP!


8.  You rarely allow anyone to drive your car and when you do allow someone, the person really means something to you.


9.  You have made a certain set of rules that everyone is supposed to obey as soon as they enter your precious car.


10.  If the only thing that relaxes you after a long, tiring day at work is to take a drive in your car.



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SourceScoop Whoop