A World War II treasure found buried in the forest

It is not unusual for a team with metal detectors searching a forest to find something. But would you believe if they come across something truly spectacular and unique. It appears that one such team has now found a motorcycle that belongs of the World War II. This motorcycle was found buried in the forest and is estimated to be around 80 years old. It is indeed quite a rare treasure to come across in woods and is no everyday treat. It has not been revealed yet where exactly was this motorcycle found.

world-war-ii-treasure-found-buried-forestA World War II treasure found buried in the forest

As per certain web resources, this motorcycle is either the original DKW Luxus 300 from which the Russian got their inspiration or it is a Red October L-300 motorbike. However, we would still welcome any knowledge or information that our readers may have to share about this bike that would enable us to recognize the true origin for this motorcycle.

As far as our information and history goes, Russian were licensed by DKW to carry out the production of the Luxus 300 motorbike. The Russians then stared creating their version of the bike in a manufacturing facility in Leningrad, Sankt Petersburg. The ‘L’ in the name of the bike stands for the name of the city.

dkw-luxus-300Krasnyi Oktyabr

The Red Octover L-300 motorcycle received the brand name of Krasnyi Oktyabr. However, it took a dip in performance chiefly because of a very useless gas being used by the Russia. Consequently, the elegant and enigmatic German made two wheeler turned into a weaker vehicle with around 6 HP less powerful powertrain. Also, the production shifted to a manufacturing facility in Izh.

It will be quite a thing to see this motorcycle worked on and completely restored. It will surely look terrific and spectacular. It will surely win the hearts of motorbike enthusiasts.

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