Polo Exquisite and Vento Highline Plus Editions launched by Volkswagen India

The Volkswagen Polo and Vento, both have been around for quite some time now. Volkswagen has done their part to keep the cars fresh, by launching updates and refreshes. But, in order to keep sales going strong and also to build an image for themselves, Volkswagen has now launched special edition versions of the Polo and Vento, named the Exquisite and Highline Plus respectively.


Both the special edition cars are aesthetically enhanced and the changes are limited only to the visual aspect on the exterior and some extra additions on the interior front.

The Volkswagen Polo Exquisite and Vento Highline Plus, get a number of additional features such as black side body mouldings, carbon fibre finish on the ORVM’s, Black Roof wrap, Scuff plates, detachable and made-to-size window blinds, new floor mats and carbon fibre finish on the centre console too.

While all the above mentioned features are available on both the Vento Highline Plus and Polo Exquisite, there are a few features available only on the Polo Exquisite, like VW branded seat covers and trunk garnish. Volkswagen has gone one step ahead in equipping the Vento Highline Plus, as they have equipped it with a touch-screen infotainment system, complete with navigation.


The Polo Exquisite edition is available only on the Highline variant of the 1.2-liter MPI petrol and 1.5 liter TDI diesel versions and the Vento Highline Plus is available only on the Highline variant of the 1.6-liter MPI petrol and 1.5-liter TDI versions of the car.

The Volkswagen Polo Exquisite is selling INR 12,830+taxes over the regular Polo Highline and the Vento Highline Plus is selling for INR 29,000+taxes over the regular Vento Highline. Volkswagen is also offering exchange benefits of upto INR 20,000 and Loyalty Bonus of upto INR 20,000 on purchase of the Vento Highline Plus and exchange benefits of upto INR 10,000 and loyalty bonus of upto INR 10,000 on the Polo Exquisite.

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GALLERY: Volkswagen Vento Highline Plus Edition

VW-volkswagen-vento-highline-plus-edition-front     VW-volkswagen-vento-highline-plus-edition-side-moulding     VW-volkswagen-vento-highline-plus-edition-ORVM

VW-volkswagen-vento-highline-plus-edition-black-foil     VW-volkswagen-vento-highline-plus-edition-center-console     VW-volkswagen-vento-highline-plus-edition-features

VW-volkswagen-vento-highline-plus-edition-floor-mats     VW-volkswagen-vento-highline-plus-edition-scuff-plates     VW-volkswagen-vento-highline-plus-edition-window-blinds

GALLERY: Volkswagen  Polo Exquisite Edition

VW-volkswagen-polo-exquisite-edition-front-three-quarter     VW-volkswagen-polo-exquisite-edition-side-insert     VW-volkswagen-polo-exquisite-edition-ORVM

VW-volkswagen-polo-exquisite-edition-trunk-garnish     VW-volkswagen-polo-exquisite-edition-carbon-fiber-center-console     VW-volkswagen-polo-exquisite-edition-seat-covers

VW-volkswagen-polo-exquisite-edition-floot-mats     VW-volkswagen-polo-exquisite-edition-scuff-plates     VW-volkswagen-polo-exquisite-edition-window-blind