Volvo Electric Cars to be assembled in India – Report

On par with its global standard for technology, Volvo will be looking to introduce a slew of electric vehicles to the Indian market soon. Volvo are planning on launching an India-assembled plug-in hybrid vehicle here. As per reports, it may arrive later this year or even on early 2020.

The Swedish automaker will likely be accessing their assembling unit near Bengaluru for production of their upcoming electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Volvo are keen on extending their electric vehicle portfolio here to half a dozen by 2021. Local assembly of vehicles could result in cheaper manufacturing costs.


Volvo Cars India which has already finalised plans to locally assemble plug-in hybrid vehicles, is now considering local assembly of EVs.

Volvo is a known name globally coming to the EV and plug-in hybrid category as well. The automaker has previously shown quite a few interesting EV concepts during recent automotive events. It seems that Volvo will expand their presence in India as well, albeit via the electric route.

Rival Audi has already begun working on its upcoming electric vehicle, christened the E-Tron. We can expect the E-Tron to arrive here in early 2020. Other than that, manufacturers such as Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra will also introduce EV’s which currently are being developed, for the mass market.

The Indian government did reduce the import duties on components of electric vehicles last month. Add to that, rising fuel prices and stricter emissions may well signal the beginning of an EV revolution here. Major automakers will try their luck by introducing products suited for various customer needs.

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Source: Economic Times