Volkswagen Polo modified by DC Design - FrontView

If you have guessed, this is Volkswagen’s upcoming Polo-based crossover you are wrong. This modified VW Polo is the latest from DC Design’s studios. According to designer Dilip Chhabria, the reason to choose the Volkswagen was because of its clean design. He wanted to make the affordable Polo look like a high-end sportscar. So will the Polo be able to succeed?

It’s difficult for non-auto enthusiast to tell that it is VW Polo. The entire front bumper has been redesigned, giving otherwise mellow-looking VW an intimidating stance. Range Rover Evoque like slit shaped front lights replace the existing lights of the Polo. And the air-dam and fog lamps have also been redesigned to match the massive bumper.

The plain rear of VW gets a makeover too, with the addition of a new bumper that also comes with embedded twin-exhausts. New C-shaped tail-lights blend with the two horizontal red strips on the hatch door, giving the otherwise simplistic rear a much sleeker look.

Volkswagen Polo modified by DC Design - RearView

The interiors feature bucket seats along with red inserts on the doors. A touch screen audio system has been added but no windows of the Polo open anymore. Probably the only remains of the original Polo are the badging and the front grille. You will notice that it is no longer a four-door hatch, but a two-door coupe.

Surprisingly, no engine modification will be made instead the same 1.6 petrol, 1.2 petrol or diesel has to tug the extra weight. This customised VW comes with a hefty price-tag of Rs. 28 lakh. If the Polo were to transform into the incredible Hulk, this is what it would look like.


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Image Credit – VMC Photography & DC Design (on Facebook)

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    DC design studio is in bangalore

  • Yes Mazhar Khan, here are the details;
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  • Mazhar Khan

    DC studio is in bangalore