Video – Mahindra Scorpio the Big Daddy of Cars


Talk about Mahindra Automotive and you cannot avoid but think about the mighty Scorpio. Mahindra Scorpio is India’s largest selling SUV and it has dominated this segment since its launch way back in 2002. Over the years it has worn a more rugged and tough look which makes you notice it every time you pass by.

The Mighty Muscular Scorpio, as it is called, seems to be going digital and starring in a movie. As per a latest video released by Mahindra, the Scorpio is seen making heroes entry and acting like “The Big Daddy of Cars.”

The set location is in a desert where four bad guys or four bad cars are seen to be having fun when they suddenly come across this sexy looking car at Paradise Motel. As is seen in hindi movies, the four cars start bullying and troubling her and that very moment our hero – The Mighty Muscular Scorpio makes an entry. Then there is a race challenge where the lady car is seen to be holding a scarf to wave start of the race.

The race begins and shortly one of the car gives up on the tough dessert conditions, soon after second car looses out on braking and crashes. It’s now a contest between 2 bad cars and the Mighty Scorpio. The race track requires climbing a steep slope in which another car fails to move up and is out of the race. We are moments away from the finish with Scorpio in number 2 position trying to overtake the car. Suddenly there is a Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander moment where Scorpio takes a detour and jumps ahead of the car to win the race.

Great attempt by Mahindra to do something different.


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