Vardenchi Sportster Viper – Choppers stop

Vardenchi Sportster Viper - Choppers stop

The quantity of sound is not strained,’ I joked to Pablo. He didn’t hear me. But then how could he? The man with the super shutter finger and sensitive ears was standing with the aforementioned digit buried up to the third knuckle in his ear.

If this were a cartoon, you’d see a black and white panel with Pablo and me mouthing empty talk bubbles to each other, while a blue blur tore up the monochromatic background. A large scraggly text screaming ‘ROARRR!!!!!’ would be following the blur around like a happy puppy dog.

The source of the ambient, all-pervasive noise in the background is the spanking new MMC Sportster that Akshai is riding up and down the strip. A machine so gorgeous that neither Pablo nor I ventured a word of comment for the first few minutes. Or maybe we did, it was too loud to tell.

You already know that Ash and Akshai make up the MMC, and that Akshai is the R&D end of the operation. So loudness would be his baby, right? ‘We don’t build choppers to smash lap records. They’re to be ridden slowly, enjoying a breeze, not a gale, and gathering turning necks, slackened jaws. The loudness of the exhaust is a big part of it.’ he says.

But the imperative engine note is only the tip of one very cool iceberg. For those of you who remember the twin MMC choppers we featured earlier, this is the next big step. The blue one, called Sportster (model name), Viper (nickname) to friends,  has come a really long way.
MMC wanted to do something outside the wide-tank-classic and simple-cruiser-chopper formats. So they decided to give their normal 30-acre tanks a pass and went for a neater, sleeker, slimmer and consequently ‘faster’ looking bike.

The Viper’s shapely tank looks lithe in a fashionable sort of way, with the Dodge Viper supplying the inspiration for the triple stripes. The fuel tank cap is a dead give-away though. And you should spot it immediately… you’ve seen millions of them… yes, the Splendor. From that beginning, it has been lovingly stretched, shaped and beaten into shape and then painted over.

Source:- bsmotoring