Upcoming Yamaha YZF-R25 rendered, is it as mouth watering as the concept?

Menacing, aggressive, mean, angry, purpose built etc. were few of the words used by people to describe the Yamaha YZF-R25 concept when it was revealed to the public last-week. The bike was in race form, but Yamaha said that they would indeed manufacture the bike in street trim for the public. As expected, a few days after the concept was revealed, renderings of how the street going bike would look like have started surfacing on the internet.


Yamaha YZF-R25 production model (speculated rendering)

The concept bike had no headlamps, no turn indicators, no mirrors and no registration plate holder, whereas the road going version will need to have these in order for authorities to approve of its use on public roads. The rendering shows that, once these necessities are added to the bike, it starts to look very different from the concept.

The rendering shows the turn indicators protruding from the side fairings, but we wish that Yamaha would integrate the turn indicators into the rear view mirrors. The renderings also show the twin-headlamps with the ram air intake in between them, which is nice to look at indeed, also seen is the registration plate and rear indicator holder clamp in traditional YZF-R series style and another addition is the foot peg for the pillion rider which can be seen hanging from the mainframe. The original concept showed a great looking (and probably great sounding) Akrapovic exhaust system, and as you guessed, that too won’t be making it into production, so the rendering shows a conventional OEM exhaust system with a neat looking heat shield on top of it.

We certainly like the R25 rendering, of course with a little changes here and there. But is it to everyone’s taste? Only time will tell, as we will need to see the production version from Yamaha before speculating further.
Check out the picture of the original prototype R25, after a jump.


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Yamaha R25 Concept model


Image Credit – TMC Blog