TVS launches its new Apache RTR 180 ABS


TVS Motors India has launched the much awaited TVS Apache RTR 180 with ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System. The TVS Apache RTR with ABS is the first Indian bike with ABS for a price tag of less than Rs. 1 Lakh. TVS showcased Apache 180 RTR ABS at the Delhi Auto Expo 2010. Bike enthusiasts were eager to ride home the ABS version of the Apache but however, TVS had remained quiet in 2010. But now, we can expect the safer Apache to surface on the showrooms soon. Sources say that TVS will charge an additional Rs. 8,000 for the ABS version of Apache RTR 180. Hence, the bike could be priced at around Rs. 80,000.

The electronically controlled braking system ensured that the wheels don’t lock while panic or hard braking on wet or rough surfaces. It brings the bike to a complete stop safely when brakes are applied. The braking system controls the brake force using a software controlled mechanism which uses the inputs from the toothed wheel sensors mounted on the brake disks. The Apache RTR 180 comes with disk brakes both at the rear and front wheel. Its packed with 177.03 PS of max power with 15.5 Nm or torque with a 0 to 60 KMPH performance in 3.6 seconds!

Apache 180 RTR ABS will more likely come with another important safety feature termed as ‘Rear Wheel lift-off Protection’ (RLP). RLP prevents the rear wheel from lifting off the road surface during a panic braking condition. RLP senses the rear wheel lifting off the ground and immediately releases the front brake pressure for a fraction and thereby keeps the rear wheel on the ground at all times.

TVS has developed RLP in collaboration with Germany’s Continental AG. Continental AG is known for the chassis control systems and has been technical partners with well-known brands like BMW Motorrads.

Racers need not worry for TVS will provide an option to switch on/off the ABS feature. ABS will be a boon for many amateur riders in India with road conditions prone to fatal accidents. With proper riding gears and latest technology like ABS, the world’s second largest two-wheeler industry is developing in the right direction to reduce fatal two-wheeler accidents.

With the ABS technology, an average rider will have 10-25 per cent quicker stopping distance on dry roads and 20-30 per cent on wet roads.

The TVS Apache RTR 180 CC comes one in white colour with differentiating orange decals and is available at an Ex-showroom Delhi price of Rs. 78,800 which is about Rs. 9000 more than the non-ABS version. For the bikes who like to be on the edge, it is totally worth to spend the extra money for a very useful safety feature like ABS.

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