Triumph Tiger XCx and XRx unveiled at 2015 India Bike Week (IBW) – 50 pix gallery!

We were at 2015 India Bike Week (IBW) at Vagator, Goa, where Triumph India has unveiled the new Tiger XCx and the XRx adventure motorcycles. The XRx caters to road riding with some off-roading, while the XCx is more focused on off-roading.


Both models are mechanically identical, with the 3-cylinder 800cc inline liquid cooled triple engine with improved fuel efficiency that produces 94 PS power and 79 Nm torque, mated to six-speed transmission. Also both the bikes have configurable RIDER riding modes, ROAD and OFF-ROAD riding modes, 4-mode traction control and cruise control as standard features.


Other standard features on both the models include 12V auxiliary power socket, advanced trip computer (average speed, fuel consumption, total travel time, etc), adjustable brake and clutch levers, adjustable seat height and hand guards. Twin disc brakes up front and a single disc at the rear enhance safety. The arrangement also gets a switch-able ABS as a standard fitment with both the variants.


Both models differ in their terrain capabilities. While the XRx featuring alloy wheels is more suitable for tarmac roads, the XCx is a more off-roading focused motorcycle with big spoked wheels, high mounted front mudguard, radiator guard, aluminium sump guard and engine protection bars.


Triumph India also unveiled the Rajputana Customized Triumph Scrambler at 2015 India Bike Week (IBW). However, the company did not officially announce prices of the XRx and XCx at the event, both the motorcycles is expected to hit dealerships by the end of March-2015.

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See more pictures of Triumph Tiger XCx:

triumph-tiger-xcx-india-001     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-002     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-003

triumph-tiger-xcx-india-004     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-005     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-006

triumph-tiger-xcx-india-007     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-008     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-009

triumph-tiger-xcx-india-010     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-011     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-012

triumph-tiger-xcx-india-013     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-014     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-015

triumph-tiger-xcx-india-016     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-017     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-018

triumph-tiger-xcx-india-019     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-020     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-021

triumph-tiger-xcx-india-022     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-023     triumph-tiger-xcx-india-024

See more pictures of Triumph Tiger XRx:

triumph-tiger-xrx-india-001     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-002     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-003

triumph-tiger-xrx-india-004     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-005     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-006

triumph-tiger-xrx-india-007     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-008     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-009

triumph-tiger-xrx-india-010     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-011     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-012

triumph-tiger-xrx-india-013     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-014     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-015

triumph-tiger-xrx-india-016     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-017     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-018

triumph-tiger-xrx-india-019     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-020     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-021

triumph-tiger-xrx-india-022     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-023     triumph-tiger-xrx-india-024