Toyota, BMW join hands on Green Technology

Toyota, BMW join hands on Green Technology

The recent pact between the German luxury brand BMW and the Japanese auto giant Toyota Motors is expected to paint a new picture globally. Both the car manufacturers are ace players in their respective segments. BMW is globally renowned for its profound interest in diesel engine development. On the other hand, Toyota Motors broke the records where the hybrid engine technology is concerned. The auto majors have done some clever strategizing here. Why not make use of each other in their areas of expertise. BMW develops highly fuel efficient 1.6 L and 2.0L diesel engines, not to mention these are exceptionally low on emission engines.

On the other hand, Toyota is well-known for its hybrid engines. Now, Toyota and BMW intend to put their heads together to develop synergies on an innovative lithium-ion battery.  Apparently, the auto giants are quite thrilled by the prospect and find this an opportunity to serve the world better with more fuel efficient and high performance engines. A similar view is expressed by the Toyota Motor Corp President Aki Toyoda who is apparently on the cloud nine with the new turn of events.  The good news has been delivered on the auspicious occasion at the BMW’s 30 year anniversary celebrations in Japan.

BMW and Toyota are aggressively zooming into their path of success, each taking one step at a time. 2012 Indian Auto Expo might bring a string of launches from both the leading car manufacturers in the country. BMW has been bragging to launch its first hatchback with the most economic price tag at the event. Toyota Motors on the other hand has new Toyota Innova and 2012 Toyota Fortuner launches up on its sleeve for the upcoming Auto Expo.


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