Top ten concept motorcycles that were never manufactured

All bike enthusiasts get very excited when a new motorcycle is revealed. And it comes as quite a blow when some concept bikes never reach the production phase. Here is a list of top 10 such bikes:

Yamaha XS V1 Sakura

Yamaha XS-V1  2007 (Sakura)

Unveiled in the year 2007, the bike had a fuel-injected V-twin four-stroke engine. It was a retro roadster.

Yamaha Tesseract:

2007 Yamaha Tesseract

Displayed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, it was a quad bike with a hybrid combined V-twin engine and electric engine. It also flaunted the dual scythe suspension system.

Suzuki Stratosphere:

2005 Suzuki Stratosphere

Displayed in the Tokyo Motor Show 2005, the bike had a massive 6 cylinder engine.

Yamaha MT-0S:

2005 Yamaha MT-0S

Displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2005, this bike was a hotted up and sportier version of the MT-01.

Honda NAS:

2004 Honda NAS

Unveiled in the year 2004, the bike came with VTR1000 Firestorm derived V-twin engine.  The motorcycle flaunted a carbon fiber mono-arm front suspension system along with 4 projector beam headlights, billet aluminum wheels, steering damper and a large single disc front brake.

Suzuki G-Strider:

2005 Suzuki G-Strider

Displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2003, this half cruiser half scooter hybrid came with automatic CVT transmission which could be electrically or manually changed. It has 916cc parallel twin powertrain.

Aprilia Blue Marlin:

2001 Aprilia Blue Marlin

Displayed at the 2001 Milan Show, this bike was introduced as a rawer sports bike. The bike has Brembo brakes and Ohlins suspension.

Yamaha Morpho 1:

1989 Yamaha Morpho1

Displayed at 1989 Tokyo Motor Show, this bike features adjustable riding positions.

Suzuki Nuda:

Suzuki Nuda  1987

Displayed at 1986 Tokyo Motor Show, this bike had Suzuki GSX-R750 engine. The power was transferred to front as well as rear wheels through a single slided wing-arm and shaft drive.

Suzuki Falcorustyco:

1985 Suzuki Falcorustyco

Displayed at the 1985 Tokyo Motor Show, it had no frame. Its 500cc four stroke, 16 valve engine was attached to the front and rear swing arms. It also has electric suspension, electromagnetic brakes, hydraulic-hub steering and hydraulic final drive.

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