The Evolution of Tata Zica through sketches

The new Tata Zica, as all of us know features a new-gen design language that has no resemblance to any previous Tata cars (unlike the Bolt, Zest and the upcoming Hexa). Hide the logo and this could pass-off like a product from some foreign car manufacturer. No doubt, the Kite oops Zica is a revolutionary product from home-grown car manufacturer rather than the evolution of models seen so far.


‘Well begun is half done’ goes the popular saying. Even for the automobiles saying holds true in the form of ‘styling’. But designer faces the dilema whether to go for an evolution (and risk playing it too safe) or for a revolution (and risk messing with the original design). The in-house design team of Tata Motors seems to have taken a leap of faith and the result is all there for us to see. The Tata Zica has turned-out so well that it will look equally at home when parked either at a street in Pune or Paris..!!

Designer’s team at Tata Motors led by Pratap Bose and his design philosophy has stretched its limit beyond the car enthusiasts expectations. Already Tata cars styling is certainly more mature than other Indian brands and certainly more evolved than the best-selling models in all the segments they’re present on-sale today. Also, the forthcoming models and design studies like the Pixel, MegaPixel and Nexon which point to future design direction, the lines are bolder, more confident and distinctive.


Now I feel that the Japanese and Korean car makers need to learn how to design their small cars from this design team. While many of us may think of it as just another design exercise, it is indeed a Herculean task to make sure that the design will appeal across age brackets and selling becomes superfluous. With the Zica, Tata Motors promises to make the same impact which the original Indica had created back in 1998.

We have managed to get hold of these very interesting design sketches which document the evolution of the Tata Zica’s design from its very embryonic stage. Those sketches then took birth in material form as a clay model, allowing the designers to understand how the machine looks in the flesh and tweak the design if required.


We see the Zica in a more ‘closer-to-production’ guise in the above pictures in a red shade. The fancy bits have given way to more practical, production ready components. The detailing is better defined and the front-three-quarter of the Zica is more visible on this picture.

So that’s how the Tata Zica journeyed through various phases before presenting itself to us in its current, impressive form. What do you think of the new Tata Zica’s design? Do let us know your views and opinions in the comment section below.

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