2012 BMW 3-Series regular production begins at Munich plant

2012 BMW 3-Series production unit at Munich plant

A new era has begun! Production of the BMW 3 series has just begun yesterday at the brand’s Munich plant, with a half a billion euro investment behind it.

BMW AG Board of Management Member Frank-Peter Arndt explains the investment: “The BMW 3 Series is the most important volume-produced model forms the BMW Group as well as the biggest-selling model in the entire premium segment. To ensure that the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series likewise leaves the factory in flawless quality, we have invested around 500 million euros in our Munich home plant. And that means safeguarding 9,000 workplaces.”

BMW’s Munich plant is a crucial component of the brand’s global production network, and will be the lead plant for the sixth generation 3-Series’ production. The brand plans to move 680 units per day out of the plant three months after beginning production, and will eventually reach over 900 daily.

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