Tata Sierra, the much missed SUV!

Tata Sierra - FrontView

Tata Sierra – FrontView

If you have been growing-up looking at cars much like I have been, you have got to be missing the best SUV of its time, the Tata Sierra. Tata Motors (then TELCO) blessed the Indian market with an SUV which was way ahead of its time in not one but many aspects to start with, the Sierra was the first passenger vehicle to be completely designed and produced in India. The styling of the SUV gave it a rugged look and also suited the off-road driving conditions it was expected to tackle to.

Back then the only cars preferred as passenger vehicle were the Maruti 800, the HM Ambassador and the Premier 118 NE. SUV’s were not a choice of Indian buyers as passenger vehicle and specially a diesel powered car was clearly was not one to go for, probably because none existed, but the Sierra changed the scene completely. The Sierra had a very simple shape but was very effective, the full glass window at the rear gave it the distinguishing look, also the interior was of a class above than the cars at that time and was equipped with some of the latest technologies like adjustable steering, power steering, power windows, tachometer and air-conditioning.

Under the hood, the Sierra was powered by a 1.9-litre naturally aspirated diesel engine which could go to a top speed of 130 km/hr. A second version of Sierra was introduced with some cosmetic changes and was equipped with a turbo charger and the top speed went up to 160 km/hr. The ride was designed to tackle tough terrain and so was equipped with strong suspension system and was also made available with optional 4-Wheel-drive.

Tata Sierra - RearView

Tata Sierra – SideView

In Spain, it was sold as Tata Telcosport (original version) and Tata Gran Telcosport TDI (turbo version). Production ended in 2000.

All in all, the Sierra was the SUV of today back then, given the increase in demand for SUV’s in the Indian market, Sierra has everything to steal the show just a little touch of the recent technologies and off you go…!! Is someone at Tata Motors reading this post?
Meanwhile, when I was posting this article I unexpectedly drew a picture of Sierra by adding some cues from the new Safari Strome, thought of sharing with you guys and have a look below. Also have a look at the Tata Sierra TV Commercial of 90’s, after the jump.


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2015 Tata Sierra - 001

2015 Tata Sierra - 002

2015 Tata Sierra - 003

2015 Tata Sierra - 004


Tata Sierra TV Commercial –


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