Tata Motors parking space inside company premises alloted only for Tata brand cars


Post June 15th employees having a Tata Brand car will only be able to park their vehicles inside of the Tata Motors campus. The circular sent by the head of Tata Motors Pune plant said, “To promote brand image and demonstrate pride of being part of Tata Motors, the management has encouraged all the employees to own a Tata Vehicle. As our commitment to further this cause, as a first step, we shall only Tata Vehicles to enter the premises. All the non-Tata Vehicles will have to be parked outside the (commercial vehicle business unit) CVBU gate in a parking lot,”

Well, the message is clear, Tata Motors wants to encourage its employees to have confidence in their own products, however forcefully. This can also be an initiative to solve certain parking issues considering the number employees that works at Tata Motors. Hyundai also has been having a similar policy regarding parking space inside of the campus, only Hyundai cars allowed. Many other companies like the Maruti Suzuki, Ford and Honda do not force its employees to go for their own brand, but to attract their employees they offer them huge discounts and finance schemes. Even Bajaj Auto has a policy in place regarding purchase of two-wheelers by its employees, although its only applicable if the employee wants to opt for a loan, they will have choose a Bajaj brand motorcycle.


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