Tata Motors Display & Offer Smart and Strong Mobility Solutions in IIMS 2013


Tata Super Ace

Following the successful launch of its three debut automotive offerings in Indonesia, the Tata Vista, Tata Aria and Tata Safari Storme, PT Tata Motors Distribusi Indonesia, the wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd., recently participated at the 21st Indonesian International Motor Show with an Indoor booth at Hall C3 PC8 and an outdoor booth at OD1.

The indoor booth is 700 sq mtr in size and the outdoor booth is 1110 sq mtr and combined, this would be the second biggest display area at this year’s IIMS by any one brand.The display is being inspired by cues from Horizonext, Tata Motors’ global  customer focused initiative, and Play Strong, the company’s brand campaign theme in Indonesia.

Horizonext aims to extend the company’s horizons on the global market, and comprises of four pillars: An intense product focus, world class quality, great customer buying experience and  consistent quality of service.

“Tata Motors has always been at the forefront of the global automotive industry, pioneering products and services, enthusing and exceeding customer expectations, for many years, with many segment and industry firsts to its name,” said Biswadev Sengupta, President Director of TMDI.

Biswadev added that Tata Motors believes rapid advancements in technology have changed every aspect of consumer life, making products simpler and easier to use, providing greater comfort and ease and overall connectivity at the touch of a button. This new thinking has prompted Tata Motors to enter the new phase of Horizonext.

Through Horizonext, Tata Motors will embrace this phenomenon to develop products and services with technology as a driver, making the company’s vehicles safer yet exciting, offering best-in-class comfort and performance, and making every journey an experience. Tata Motors will also further embrace technology at the manufacturing and service front, further enhancing service and delivery levels. Each vehicle to be showcased at the IIMS 2013 is an example of this change, the company said.

With Horizonext, Tata Motors takes its first step towards a technological future. Today at IIMS 2013, TMDI also introduces the Play Strong concept, a consumer-focused Tata Motors communications strategy that affirms TMDI’s commitment to developing its business in Indonesia by providing strong and robust products backed by a strong commitnment to the market.

Each of the vehicles from Tata Motors is built very sturdily and provides the best safety to its occupants and at the same time are very durable and long lasting. They are the best fit for the Indonesian operational requirements.

Also, to demonstarte its Strong Commitment, Tata Motors has launched a “Peace of Mind” package which includes a best in class 5 year or 100,000 Kms warranty cover for its passenger cars, commitment of parts delivery within 24 hours otherwise free and 24 hours road side assistance should


Tata Aria

In June this year, Tata Motors has also embarked on its CSR program called Inspiraksi through which Tata Motors with the help of participants in its facebook page is identifying community development projects that it will help execute.

As a global Tata Motors program, Horizonext will be represented at the company’s indoor and outdoor display booths along with the Play Strong concept, an in-line offering tailored to the Indonesian market’s communication requirements and aiming to provide a superb level of customer satisfaction.

“Customer-centricity is the hallmark of Tata Motors. At Tata Motors, every day we are embracing better ways of working and smarter ways of satisfying our customers. Not just vehicles, to ensure that the customer experience we provide is truly world-class we are upgrading our customer facing facilities at sales and service front,” said Biswadev.

The booth ambience is designed to convey a sense of dynamism and youthfulness and present the Play Strong product theme. It will provide an experience that will make visitorssay ‘wow!’ through  a combination of high-tech products that are available today, amazing booth ambience and experience, engaging and unique exhibits and performances, and warm hospitality.

Tata brand colors are blue, white, chrome and steel grey. The use of bright and vibrant colors for impact and dynamism presents a strong message. The booth has the ability to draw in visitors to the company’s pavilion rather than only engaging with those who walk in as part of the overall tour. Once customers enter, the overall experience will be as harmonious as possible in order to deliver a lasting memory to take away.

At the IIMS 2013, TMDI will introduce a total of 13 commercial vehicles before implementing a phased launch of these product offerings in Indonesia in the near future. In the passenger segment, TMDI will be launching the Tata Aria, Tata Vista and Tata Safari Storme which have been officially introduced to consumers at a successful recent product launch. TMDI will also be introducing consumers to modified versions of the Vista, Aria and Safari Storme. Apart from this, TMDI is also showcasing two new Sedans and a Diesel version of Tata Vista to guage the customer feedback.

“This year is when we begin marketing our products in earnest, primarily for the Tata Aria, Vista and Safari Storme. We emphasize that customers wishing to buy these products do not need to worry that a long delivery period will be required, as our stocks are plentiful and will amply cover demand. We welcome Indonesia’s consumers to join the Tata Motors family,” Biswadev said.


Tata Motors Passenger Car List  Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle List
1.  Tata Safari Storme 1.  Tata Magic Iris 600
2.  Tata Safari Storme Modified 2.  Tata Zip Diesel
3.  Tata Vista 3.  Ace EX 2
4.  Tata Vista 4.  Super Ace DLE
5.  Tata Vista Modified 5.  Super Ace DLS
6.  Tata Safari Storme 6.  Xenon RX
7.  Tata Safari Storme Modified 7.  Xenon Double Cabin
8.  Tata Vista D90 Diesel 8.  Starbus LP713
9.  Tata Manza Diesel 9.  Ultra 912
10.  Tata Indigo Diesel 10.  Prima 4938S
11.  Prima 2528
12.  LPK 2523
13.  LPK 2523 Mixer


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