Tata Magic Iris Ziva Fuel Cell: from 2016 Auto Expo

At the 2016 Auto Expo, Tata Motors displayed its futuristic hydrogen fuel-cell technology on its popular last mile passenger transport vehicle, Magic Iris, called the ‘Tata Magic Iris Ziva Fuel Cell’.


A perfect solution for smart connected cities, the Tata Magic Iris Ziva Fuel Cell concept is a path-breaking solution from Tata Motors, developed with support from the Government of India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under the Technology Development and Demonstration Programme.

Designed to accommodate four passengers and a driver, the Tata Magic Iris Ziva Fuel Cell is a gearless, clutch-less vehicle that boasts a powerful and efficient traction electric motor – 9Kw (Maximum Power) and 42 Nm (Peak Torque), for a hassle-free, fatigue-free zippy performance. It is an ideal vehicle for stop-&-go traffic conditions. With an unlimited driving range, just like that of a CNG vehicle, it can run up to 40 Km in pure electric mode, powered by batteries.


The vehicle also has a stylish next generation 8” vehicle infotainment system, supporting major regional languages, a vehicle health monitoring and telematics system that works on a specially developed android operating system, giving users an unmatched experience.

Tata Motors propriety software has been developed to appropriately display important vehicle information with reference to components like Fuel Cell, Motor, Batteries, and Hydrogen Cylinder for the driver to take notice, before any faults occur in the vehicle. The system also permits the driver to send the fault code and the vehicle’s GPS location, to authorized Tata Motor service centers, to provide a timely response.

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