Tata FleetMan launches enhanced fleet management & vehicle monitoring features

Tata FleetMan, India’s leading Fleet Telematics Service from Tata Motors yesterday announced the launch of four exciting new features. These features enhance economy, safety and communication security of fleet operations besides making Tata Fleetman accessible on the mobile platform.
The four new features are –

  • Tata FleetMan Mobile Application
  • Idiling Management
  • Monitoring of sudden acceleration and Harsh braking
  • 256 bit encryption of all data communication

In a technological breakthrough, the features were remotely made available on all existing vehicles fitted with Tata Fleetman through a FOTA (Firmware over the air) upgrade. The fully automatic process was conducted without either disturbing the normal operation of the vehicles or any intervention from the driver/owner.


Tata FleetMan launches enhanced fleet management & vehicle monitoring features

Mr. Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors Ltd. said –

“The Tata FleetMan Telematics and Fleet management service has been further developed to address pressing concerns of the transport industry. The Tata FleetMan mobile application, FOTA capability, and the new features launched, demonstrate the great strides Tata Motors has made in the high technology world of Fleet Telematics. They also underscore our commitment to provide added value to our Commercial vehicle customers through enhancements in productivity, safety and economy of their operations.”

Now fleet owners can track and manage their fleets conveniently on their Smartphones, with the all new Tata FleetMan Mobile Application. The App will be made available through free download on both Android as well as Apple platforms. The App employs contemporary user interfaces to enable live vehicle tracking all over the country on Google maps, while conveying specific events through notifications and alerts.

Tata FleetMan has also launched other unique features such as Harsh Braking and sudden Acceleration Alerts that help customers monitor driver performance and reduce accidents and Idling Management which helps fleet operators monitor and minimize vehicle idling, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

In an Industry first, Tata FleetMan has incorporated 256 bit encryption of all data communication to secure sensitive fleet tracking data from malicious use.

Tata FleetMan is a Fleet Telematics service launched by Tata Motors for deployment in commercial vehicles. An extremely versatile solution it lends itself to both OE (original equipment) as well as aftermarket fitment. It can be provided on the whole range of Tata Commercial vehicles, as well as non-Tata vehicles for mixed fleet owners. Tata FleetMan is marketed and supported by Tata Motors all-India commercial vehicle dealer and service network.


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