105 PIX MEGA GALLERY: Tata Bolt at the showroom with brochure

More on the soon to be launched Tata Bolt, which will be officially introduced on January 22 – we have photos and brochure scans for you from a Tata Motors Mangalore showroom thanks to Naveen Dhapalapur. We also saw the Bolt’s teaser website tease a few highlights that would be available with the car, and also requests for a test drive.

The brochure snapshots have every details so you can see exactly what the new features of the car are, including specs and dimensions. However, we have no idea of how many variants there are and is projector headlamps standard across all the variants. But trusted source close to us reveal the Bolt will not benefit like the Zest with introductory offer including alloy wheels and 333 maintenance plan as standard. Instead the customer has to shell out the extra few bucks for the double set.

You can click on the thumbnails below for the full picture – but the list of it is that there are two models – a 1.2-litre petrol motor and a 1.3-litre diesel mill, now all that remains to be known is the price and variants!

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See more pictures of Tata Bolt –

tata-bolt-001     tata-bolt-002     tata-bolt-003

tata-bolt-004     tata-bolt-005     tata-bolt-006

tata-bolt-007     tata-bolt-008     tata-bolt-009

tata-bolt-010     tata-bolt-011     tata-bolt-012

tata-bolt-013     tata-bolt-014     tata-bolt-015

tata-bolt-016     tata-bolt-017     tata-bolt-018

tata-bolt-019     tata-bolt-020     tata-bolt-021

tata-bolt-022     tata-bolt-023     tata-bolt-024

tata-bolt-025     tata-bolt-026     tata-bolt-028

tata-bolt-029     tata-bolt-030     tata-bolt-027

tata-bolt-031     tata-bolt-032     tata-bolt-033

tata-bolt-034     tata-bolt-035     tata-bolt-036

tata-bolt-037     tata-bolt-038     tata-bolt-039

tata-bolt-040     tata-bolt-041     tata-bolt-042

tata-bolt-043     tata-bolt-044     tata-bolt-045

tata-bolt-046     tata-bolt-047     tata-bolt-048

tata-bolt-049     tata-bolt-050     tata-bolt-051

tata-bolt-52     tata-bolt-053     tata-bolt-054

tata-bolt-055     tata-bolt-056     tata-bolt-057

tata-bolt-058     tata-bolt-059     tata-bolt-060

tata-bolt-061     tata-bolt-062     tata-bolt-063

tata-bolt-064     tata-bolt-065     tata-bolt-066

tata-bolt-067     tata-bolt-068     tata-bolt-069

tata-bolt-070     tata-bolt-072     tata-bolt-073

tata-bolt-074     tata-bolt-075     tata-bolt-076

tata-bolt-077     tata-bolt-078     tata-bolt-079

tata-bolt-080     tata-bolt-081     tata-bolt-082

tata-bolt-083     tata-bolt-084     tata-bolt-085

tata-bolt-086     tata-bolt-087     tata-bolt-088

tata-bolt-089     tata-bolt-090     tata-bolt-091

tata-bolt-092     tata-bolt-093    tata-bolt-094

tata-bolt-095     tata-bolt-096     tata-bolt-097

tata-bolt-098     tata-bolt-099     tata-bolt-cue-cards