Suzuki Inazuma GW250 exposed before launch, to cost Rs. 3.13 lakh


As we have repeatedly said, the low capacity, high performance segment is the fastest growing two-wheeler segment, and staying away from this segment is a very risky move. All the manufacturers want a share of the boom in this segment and all of them are putting their efforts to get there as fast as possible. The latest to join the list of manufacturers who plan to launch a bike in this segment is Suzuki. Suzuki wants to gain as much as it can from this segment and plans to launch its bike as soon as possible.

The bike in question is none other than the Inazuma GW250, which is a naked street/cruiser bike. The Inazuma GW250 is all set to hit the production line. The Inazuma GW250 had been spotted many times at different Suzuki dealerships all over the country, and now, bookings for the motorcycle have begun. The motorcycle will be launched on January 27th 2014, and deliveries too will commence on the same day.

The Inazuma GW250 is powered by a liquid cooled, fuel injected 250cc twin-cylinder engine, with 26 BHP of peak power and 24.4 NM of peak torque on tap, and is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The Inazuma gets all the features that a bike of this calibre should get. It gets disc brakes on both the wheels, telescopic forks up front and an adjustable monoshock at the rear. We are not sure if ABS is included, but on such a bike, it should be.


The shocker is the price at which Suzuki plans to launch it. Suzuki will launch the Inazuma GW250 at Rs. 3.13 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) which according to us is a little on the higher side, especially given that it has no additional features when compared to its competitors. However, there is a reason for charging such an exorbitant price. While its main competitors, the Honda CBR 250R and the KTM Duke 390 are made in India with a lot of Locally manufactured parts, the Inazuma GW250 will be brought in via the CKD (completely Knocked Down) route, which means, the Inazuma will be assembled in India using all imported parts and hence Suzuki would have to pay a lot as import tax and Suzuki is doing nothing, but passing on the cost to the consumer. Will it be successful in the competitive Indian market with this price tag? It is a question, only time can answer.
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250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-alloy-wheel     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-engine     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-front

250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-front-quater     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-grab-rail     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-headlight

250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-instrument-cluster     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-rear     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-rear-disc-brake

250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-rear-quarter     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-side     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-side-view

250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-speedo     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-switch     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-switches

250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-taillight     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-tank     250cc-suzuki-inazuma-gw250-tank-scoop


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