Spy Shots – Mysterious V-Twin Cruisers caught testing in India, are you low-cost Harley?

Mysterious V-Twin Cruisers caught testing in India

Mysterious V-Twin Cruisers caught testing in India

The two wheeler segment in India has recently seen a large development in terms of higher capacity engines, better than the best technology, and most importantly price. Also it’s not just the existing two manufacturers but also new companies have now started to sail to the Indian shores, and not just that, some of also launched their global products first in India. Harley Davidson is one such brand, very well-known and respected by many although owned by a handful of Indians, considering the premium price tag. But now Harley Davidson is gearing up to bring a change to its line-up. Some Harley Davidson bikes were caught testing in the NCR area. These certainly were Harley’s with small displacement engine, maybe 500cc V-twin.

There are also rumors of these bike being completely developed and manufactured in India, by doing this Harley can introduce bikes made specifically made for India at competitive prices. These bikes may fit into the 3-3.5 lakh bracket, which is a neat price, and will certainly attract more buyers in India. Although there is no confirmation on this from the company, but there are not reasons why not, especially when the company is been heavily investing in the assembly in India. Not just this, but Harley can layer also export these bikes to other emerging markets. There are chances that these bikes get showcased at the 2014 AutoExpo. For many of us, this could be a dream come true, and a fantastic reason to start saving money for.

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