Spied – Mahindra Reva Gio Cab EV (Electric Vehicle)

Mahindra Reva Gio Cab EV (Electric Vehicle)

Bangalore based electric car manufacturing company Reva (under Mahindra and Mahindra umbrella) is all set to launch an electric version of the Mahindra Gio cab, Mahindra already have the Gio cab get going on the city roads and Reva’s part in this new plan is to deliver powertrains for the same and the outcome will be an all new electric Gio cab.

Thanks to our close friends at Indianautosblog for clicking snaps of the upcoming Mahindra Gio EV. Looking at the images the vehicle has ‘Mahindra-REVA’ and ‘Electric Vehicle’ badges on its body and on the interiors as well. This means the motor, batteries and controller are sourced from REVA.

Reva is to supply powertrains for a number of existing vehicles which will go electric soon and with these spy shots it has been confirmed that Gio cab is among the first. The car seen above is a production ready prototype and has a top speed of 50 KMPH. Most of the components of Gio EV are derived from the Gio Diesel version and distinguishable features of this car are the Mahindra Reva and Electric Vehicle badges present on the exteriors and interiors as well.

“We have developed prototypes of Maxximo and Gio. However, we have not decided on launching them in the market,” Pawan Goenka, president, auto and farm equipment sector, M&M, told Hindustan Times.

Mahindra Reva has not divulged any details about the pricing and launch date of NXR. The Mahindra NXR launch may happen by end of this year. Company planning to sell more than 5000 units every year.

Mahindra Reva Gio Cab EV (Electric Vehicle)

Lack of basic infrastructure is limiting future of electric vehicles in our market. Recently GM India had unveiled a battery powered Beat in New Delhi. GM has no plans to commercialize Beat EV due to absence of basic facilities.

India government has set up two bodies to look into this problem and suggest possible solutions. We sincerely hope that these apex bodies (National Council for Electric Mobility (NCEM) and National Board for Electric Mobility (NBEM)) will come out with suitable solutions to make electric vehicles popular on our roads.

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