Spied – Honda Brio Diesel caught testing in Gurgaon

Honda Brio Diesel - 001

All car manufacturers in India are aware of the fact that how high is the demand for diesel cars. The sudden hike in the petrol prices by Rs 7.50 has left the customers and car makers zapped. Petrol cars sales will further slump and this may affect Honda as there is no diesel powered car in its stable. Honda Brio is the cheapest and smallest car offered by Honda, the car has been selling in good numbers, even better than its popular sedan Honda City.

To get benefit from the situation, Honda Motors is planning to introduce the diesel variant of its first hatchback, the Brio as it has received a good response from car buyer in the Indian Domestic market. Now the trail-run has begun of the all new diesel engined Honda Brio which was seen zooming in the roads of Gurgaon. The emission of the car was in black smoke with a noise similar to a diesel engine, which signifies that the car had a diesel engine. The car had no badge so that no hint could be made as to what is under the hood of the car.

This move taken by Honda motors is really important for the brand to survive in the Indian auto car industry, which has been shifted towards the diesel engine cars. However, Honda recently emphasized that there is no launch of its diesel variant cars before 2013, which means that all the new diesel cars will be launched in the year 2013. This can be a surprise from Honda as it has started testing its new generation diesel engines on the Brio.

Honda Brio Diesel - 002

Honda also displayed its brand new 1.6 litre i-DTEC turbo diesel engine meant for the Honda Civic sedan. The 1.6 litre i-DTEC engine is based on Honda’s EarcthDreams technology that offers high torque and fuel economy with petite tail pipe emissions. The other ranges of the Honda’s diesel engines are also expected to be based on the “EarthDreams” technology.


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