Spied – Firstever snaps of Renault Scala sedan

Renault Scala - FrontView

BA readers are aware that French car maker Renault India will launch a C-segment sedan based on the Nissan Sunny in the second half of 2012. The re-badged saloon will be called the Scala, and will be mechanically identical to the Sunny. Which means the Scala should come with two engines, the same pair of 1.5-litre 84.8bhp diesel and 1.5-litre 98bhp petrol motors that power the Nissan saloon.

Now folks at AutoCarIndia have managed to snap the firstever images of Renault Scala with clear views of the car from almost all angles. From the images it is evident that the Scala is essentially the Nissan Sunny which has been badge-engineered by Renault. While the basic architecture of the car, with its stretched wheelbase and big cabin remains, Renault has just changed the nose dramatically.

The front-fascia is now much sharper looking, with its raised crisply styled lights, almost Hyundai like hexagonal grille and a typical Renault matt black center section. The Scala has a much stronger chin than the Sunny and the rear has been mildly altered, which sport a new reflector design. The interiors of the Scala however are almost identical to those of the Sunny, except for the Renault logo on the steering wheel.

Renault Scala - RearView

The above said car is based on the same strategy which was adopted by Renault during launch of Renault Pulse, which is based on Nissan’s Micra. Just like the Pulse, the Scala is expected to come with some cosmetic changes to give it a Renault identity and distinguish it from its Japanese sibling. However, these changes are likely to be minor, limited only to parts such as the bumper and grille.

According to AutoCarIndia, keeping in mind the brand positioning within the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the Scala is expected to be priced marginally higher than the Sunny and it will go on sale next-month. And remember its not just a car, its a caaar.
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