Spied – 2012 Mercedes Benz A-Class

2012 Mercedes Benz A-Class - Front

WorldCarFans have scooped some fresh snaps of the 2012 Mercedes A -Class (codenamed W 176). Mercedes plans to launch both A & B Class in India it wants to create a new upper premium space in the hatchback market.

The front of the car shows continuity in the Mercedes Family design tradition and the rest of the car may appear a little disproportionate due to the long front and no back this is something similar to the five door model of the hatch, seems like a lot of cues have been taken from the recently launched BMW 1 series.

2012 Mercedes Benz A-Class - SideView

It will be based on the new front-wheel drive platform codenamed MFA (Mercedes Front wheel Architecture). It will be powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine mated to a dual clutch transmission. There will be a good range in the engine options from 120hp all the way to 240hp.

2012 Mercedes Benz A-Class - Rear

In India the A-Class will appeal to the both the young city driving executive enthusiast and the ones who always wished to own a Mercedes Benz. Pricing being the critical factor, it should be sold at an affordable price.

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Source – WorldCarFans.com