Skoda India claims Rapid that caught fire in Delhi, not due to manufacturing defect

Skoda Rapid bursts into flames in Delhi

Recently we reported the incident of the Skoda Rapid sedan caught fire on the streets of Delhi, now after investigating Skoda India has reportedly come out with a statement saying it was not the manufacturing defect that was the cause of the accident. Skoda is reported to have come out with the statement after keeping mum on the incident for a few days.

According to sources, the carmaker said that improper installation of aftermarket parts could be the possible cause behind the fire. It added it is very common that Indian car owners install cheaper aftermarket parts such as audio system or other settings. Furthermore, the risk of a fire is higher if it is fitted by an inexpert or by tampering with the wiring resulting in short circuit.

Therefore, it is advised to fit only manufacturer approved products by experts at dealerships itself. The warranty of the car could also be revoked if it is fitted with an after part that is not approved by the manufacturer.

A brand new Skoda Rapid sedan went up in flames a few days back in Delhi, however, no one was injured in the accident. Earlier a Volkswagen Vento had gone up in flames in Pune killing the owner of the car. This had given way to doubts on the safety of the Rapid and the Vento which are both based on the same platform. However, Volkswagen has not come out with an explanation on the fire accident yet.


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