SIAM unveils new classification of cars for India

SAIM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) has come up with a new formula for classification of cars in India. It has classified cars in India into categories namely Micro, Micro, Mini, Compact, C1, C2, D, E and F. The classification is effective from July 2011 based on their engine capacities and sizes.

SIAM has reported that with the help of the new classification method, it will be easier for the car manufacturers to focus on their progress in the auto industry. As India is becoming the fastest growing auto section and ranks at 2nd.

Current and New SIAM Classification


What car stands where

The two illustrations from Maruti Suzuki shows how the vehicles have been classified and what car stand where. Thanks to the new SIAM classification method, car manufacturers will now find it easy to classify their products into various different categories. Following images will help you understand more on how the new classification method will be helpful to manufacturers, do you agree with this?