Salman Khan reveals why he doesn’t care much for cars?


Almost every star is known to indulge lavishly on acquiring the hottest set of wheels, but Salman Khan has admitted that he does not like cars and never spends money on cars. This is quite contrary to what all Bollywood stars feel about their luxury vehicles, but Salman says that cars are never on top of his agenda.

“I never spend on cars. The car never matters. Sometimes people gift me cars and I am happy with that,” he says.

The star was recently gifted with a top-line luxury SUV and he says that he always wanted to own that car, but somehow never came about to indulging himself.

Talking about his newest acquisition, Salman revealed that they have used this car in the film too.

“Wish in every film we get a car so we don’t have to spend money on cars,” Salman said in his typical tongue-in-cheek style. The star admits that after the accident that he had, he has lost interest in cars. “Mere gaadi ke experience… woh waale bahut rahe hain (I had a lot of those type of experiences with cars),” Salman adds.


It was back in October 2001, that Salman Khan was arrested for culpable homicide. The accident in north Bombay involved several homeless people sleeping on a pavement, and resulted in the death of one. The fatal crash saw Salman Khan being charged with “culpable homicide not amounting to murder”. This apart, other charges include not having a valid license, and drunk driving and. If he were to be convicted, the actor would have faced jail time of up to 10 years.

According to Salman’s aides, the actor has given up driving long back and hardly ever sits at the back of the wheel anymore. It comes as no surprise that the scarring incident has left the star content with being a passenger rather than at the wheel.


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