Russian way of wedding proposals: bikers, road blocks and violence (Video)

Sure every girl dreams that her boyfriend will propose her in a unique and out of the world manner. And it appears that this very thought came true for one of them. This particular video has recently surfaced on internet showing a guy proposing his girl in quite an exceptional manner. His way of proposing his girlfriend was with bikes, road blocks and violence. This video of the Russian way of making a wedding proposal has received so many views on different social media websites.

bikers-road-blocks-and-violence-is-how-russians-do-wedding-proposalsRussian way of wedding proposals

The video shows a car being chased by a group of motorbikes all dressed up in gear. Suddenly, one of the bikes blocks the road for the car by coming up front the car and stopping his bike there. The rest of the bikers surround the car from all sides. The biker at the front strides off his bike while the guy driving the car also comes out. The biker thrashes the guy on the bonnet two three times and it just makes you think for a second that some big fight is going to happen.

Seeing the ‘fight’ developing, the girl comes out of the car to know what’s happening. The two talk for a while. While all this is happening, the guy momentarily distracts his girlfriend and then goes down on a knee with a ring in his hand to propose her. Truly delighted by the sight, she hugs him. The bikers begin to clap while one of them takes out a bouquet of flowers and gives it to the couple. The two looked quite happy together.

It was indeed quite a unique way to impress and propose your girl. Unless, she calls 911 and reports the incident while you are being ‘thrashed’ at the car’s bonnet.

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