Rendered – Hyundai Concept Motorcycle


Hyundai is becoming a larger manufacturer in automobiles by the minute and because they’re seeing such great success, it’s almost easy to imagine Hyundai expanding even more into different markets. And that’s what designer Min Seong Kim envisioned.

Kim imagined a world where Hyundai not only produced automobiles and heavy equipment, but also motorcycles.

Kim designed the bike to be made of a material that can expand and contract to help the way the bike handles, like our bodies synonymously have muscles to help us do basically everything.

Additionally, there’s a cage around the rider for protection and a six-cylinder engine powers the bike.

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More pictures of Hyundai Concept Motorcycle –

Kim-Hyundai-Motorcycle - 001          Kim-Hyundai-Motorcycle - 002          Kim-Hyundai-Motorcycle - 003

SourceYanko Design (via AutoBlog)