New Renault Kwid ‘LIVE FOR MORE EDITION’ – Available in 0.8L, 1.0L & AMT variants

For a while now, certain Renault models have had special edition variants at launch – that come with a few unique touches inside and out, with few additional features made available.


Renault Kwid Live for More comes at no extra cost to the buyer.

The recently disclosed new Kwid ‘LIVE FOR MORE EDITION’ is no different, which hosts Red and Grey dual stripes running the length of the body from the hood to the rear crossing on the roof too. The stripes run along the sides of the body of the Kwid as well, giving the small hatchback a sporty appeal.

In addition to the dual stripes running the length of the body, there are red accents on the grille and on the wheel covers, and a contrast coloured rear spoiler as a part of the package. On the inside, the Kwid Live For More Edition gets the same treatment of dual tone colours of Red and Grey.

The 3-spoke steering wheel gets a dual tone cover fitted with red coloured contrast stitching, while the door trims, seats, and upholstery also get the dual tone colour scheme. It receives the touchscreen infotainment system available across specified models.


The interior of this limited edition delivers a sporty vibe with this refreshed appearance.

Two engines, two transmission options are available, including the 0.8-litre engine produces 53bhp/72Nm while the 1.0-litre unit generates 67bhp/91Nm. Both can be had with a 5-speed manual while the 1.0-litre engined variant gets the option of AMT gearbox.

Although the accessories are worth Rs 20,000, Renault India has not increased the price of the Kwid ‘Live For More Edition’ and is available on 2016 Model Year variants of the car. This move is to clear out-the-stock of the 2016 MY vehicle before the new model year cars are brought into the inventory shortly.

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