Renault India has rolled out ‘Diesel Car at the Price of Petrol’ Campaign

Renault India is now offering discount on selected models, especially on the Pulse hatch & Scala sedan under the “Diesel Car at the Price of Petrol” Campaign. The campaign comes to rescue, when monthly sales reached all time low with just 54 units of Pulse and Scala sales accounting for 72 units in September-2014.

Renault Pulse is Nissan Micra underneath enjoys customer benefit upto Rs. 1 lakh.

The company is keen to enhance sales in India and have offered to sell diesel variants of Pulse and Scala at the price of their petrol engined counterparts. Furthermore, the carmaker is also giving attractive corporate offers of Rs. 20,000 and Rs 30,000 on Pulse & Scala respectively. This innovative offer is for a limited period only till end of this year and is a part of stock clearance facilities.

On the Pulse hatchback, Renault India is also offering is offering insurance at Re 1 for the petrol variant while its diesel variant enjoys customer benefit upto Rs. 1 lakh.

Likewise, the Scala petrol variant gets insurance at Re 1, while the Scala CVT is on sale with a gift cheque of Rs 50,000. The Scala diesel RxE attracts a gift cheque of Rs 40,000 while Scala RxZ diesel gets a gift cheque of Rs 91,000.

Renault Scala is a Nissan Sunny underneath enjoys customer benefit upto Rs. 88,000.

Besides these limited offers on the Scala and Pulse, Renault India has also reduced prices of the Duster SUV. The company is offering special all India price for Duster RxL Diesel at Rs 9.29 lakh and a special price for the Duster RxL AWD at Rs 11.29 lakh.

On the Duster 85PS RxE variant, Renault India is offering a gift cheque of Rs 20,000 whereas the RxL model is priced at Rs 9.29 lakh (All India) thereby, providing a straight benefit of Rs 70,800. On the 85 PS RxL optional, the gift cheque of Rs 70,000 is offered. In the Duster Adventure RxE, the company is giving a gift cheque of Rs 38,000. In the AWD RxZ (All-Wheel-Drive) model, a gift cheque of Rs 50,000 is on offer. In the 110PS model, customer can get a gift cheque of Rs 90,000 while all the petrol model attracts a gift cheque of Rs 15,000.

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